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Have you heard of “Text Neck”? Surely you’ve experienced it if you have been using your phone a lot on a given day. We do the same with our laptops. Since our neck is always looking downward, with our back hunched over, this causes neck strain & tension. The Executive Office Solutions laptop stand is the perfect solution whether using it on the desk, couch, bed, or as a standing desk.

Are you always working long hours on your laptop and feel your back hurts a lot?

Use it as a Standing Desk, or to prop up your computer to eye height. The lightweight, easy to fold design allows you to adjust the laptop to any angle you want. The space between the legs allows for books or other things to be placed below.

Great For Use Anywhere

Whether you want to relax in bed, sit on your couch, with notebook on your lap, or lie on the ground and work or play on your computer, this laptop tray table is the perfect choice for you! Thanks to the 6 locking buttons, you can effortlessly adjust the height and angle of the mobile workstation, effectively reducing back stress and neck pain! In addition, the practical mouse board allows you to keep everything within reach. FOR ALL AGES

Make Your Laptop Your Second Desktop

Propping your laptop up to eye level beside your desktop and see how much less your neck will hurt after a day’s work!

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  1. I love this! I’ve been working on my laptop from my bed for years now and have neck and arm issues because of the angle and looking down. I’ve been using this for several weeks, and it really helps my neck stay in a more neutral position, which results in less strain. It’s very sturdy. You can set it to the side and not worry about it overheating or tipping over when you take a break. Plus, there is a nice USB fan that is easy to use that’s built in. Easy to adjust. I wish I had found this YEARS AGO! I use a variation of one of the recommended settings, and it’s perfect for me!

  2. I bought this when my belly was starting to get bigger and resting my laptop on it was uncomfortable, I also figured that it wasn’t great to have it directly on there for a number of reasons. anyway, it is perfect. sturdier than I feared it would be, since the joints are made of plastic, and it’s super adjustable. it takes a bit of attention to make it level, but i like that it has so many options for adjustment, because sometimes the surface I’m on isn’t totally flat, (especially as I get bigger and need more propping up!) and so having one leg offset from the other is actually preferable.

  3. Absolutely love this. I use it every day, all day.
    It’s great for working on your bed, the couch, as a standing desk (on top of a table) – whatever you think of, it works for.

  4. Very nice adjustable laptop stand! I just received this the other day and already it has replaced the stand I have had for years. I have a 15.4 ” laptop and it fits nicely with room to spare. It is really neat that it can be adjusted in so many ways! The two fans with a dedicated power switch are also a nice touch. Lastly, it also includes a mouse pad extension which is very nice for a permanent setup. It seems very well made with many of the parts metal.

  5. Everything was well – price, delivery, package.

  6. Wowwwww

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